Dear Client,
How much time do you spend pondering how to:
·  Deal with challenges at work?
·  Enhance your team’s effectiveness?
·  Hone your leadership and communication skills?
·  Become adept at managing conflict?
·  Cope with ongoing change?
·  Eliminate those limiting beliefs that hamper you from achieving your goals?
·  Keep your internal messaging motivated, positive and creative and bypass fear and negativity?
·  Energize yourself when worn down and achieve calm when overwhelmed?

WIN+WIN COACHING is the outcome of more than 15 years of a solid international experience in the areas of leadership, negotiation and corporate coaching through a wide range of companies and industries. 
In the 21st century, information and education are widely available to anyone. Why are we then unable to make an effective use of all the means available to us? The answer is quite simple. We lack consciousness, skills and knowledge to develop our potential to its maximum extent. Our limiting beliefs often turn into major obstacles in our race to fulfill our dreams.
WIN+WIN COACHING’s philosophy focuses on helping our clients meet their goals. However, we emphasize results as much as the process itself.
Apart from our coaching services, we are also specialized in customer-made workshops. Some of the most frequently products solicited by our clients are:

“Applying Emotional Intelligence to Negotiations”
“Leading with the Right Brain”
“Situational leadership”
“Conflict Resolution Management”
“Time Management”
“Assertiveness and Positive Thinking
Should you wish to get more detailed information on any of our seminars, workshops or coaching processes, do not hesitate to contact us via email ( jorgebugallo@telefonica.net ).
Jorge Bugallo
General Manager